The best is yet to come

The best is yet to come

Two young hearts before the altar
With marriage vows to take
In the back the sceptics whisper
They’ve made a big mistake
Then soon will life be over
Once wedding bells have rung
But in Their hearts they know
The best is yet to come

In a one-bedroom apartment
Their tears began to fall
What’s been home for several month now
Will soon become to small
Cause the news just came this morning
There’s gonna be a son
They cry and tell each other
The best is yet to come

Two young boys run in the backyard
In a game of seek and hide
And their off and go to college
In a twinkling of an eye
Their rooms so dark and silent
In a few short years to come
They hold the love and laughter
Of granddaughters and grandsons

Two old folks with hair of silver
And lines upon their face
They share a small contentment
And a never ending faith
That they’ll always be together
Once their race on earth is run
And They find comfort knowing
The best is yet to come

The know when life is over
They’ll walk through heavens door
To be with friends and love ones
Who are taken home before
They bow before the master
And hear Him say well done
My good and faithful servant
The best is yet to come

So they go on believing
The best is yet to come

lead vocal: Channah
mandolin: Mattanja
guitar: Jan
guitar: Ruchama
bass: Gideon