Lord, You are with me

Lord, You're with me all the time

High on the mountain, down in the valley
Oh, Lord You’re with me al the time
You’ll never leave me alone
Although it might feel so
Thank You for always staying around

Time flies by like a wind blow 
It’s gone before you noticed it
Twenty four hours every day
It seems to short for al we planned to do

Sometimes you feel like a wind-chill 
Nothing works out the way you want
You’re al alone in this great big world
But Someone’s there, Who always stays with you

Sometimes the wind blows in your back
The sun is shining in your life
Even in such times, remember the Lord
And thank Him for al the gifts He gave

lead vocal: Channah 
banjo: Gideon
mandolin: Mattanja
guitar: Ruchama
bass: Jan