Bring Him your talents

Bring Him your talents

There is a service that you can do
In the Lord’s army workers are few
You can do wonders wearing a smile never more frown
When the dear Savior send you the call
Make up your mind and serve Him for all
Think of those stars those wonderful stars for your crown

Answer the Savior, answer His call
And if you love Him bring Him your all
Surely there’s someway that you could serve every day
If it’s been teaching than you should teach
If it’s been preaching than you should preach
Bring Him your talents, serving the Lord all the way

Take up the talents that you should give
Showing the sinner how you should life
Pointing him to that glorious home upon high
When you’re life is ended and your work is done
And the Lord shows the crown you have won
Think of that time that wonderful time by and by

lead vocal: Mattanja