God will never change

God will never change  

We talk about the old days
How much better things where then
Neighbour helped their neighbour
There was always a helping hand
Now the world is full of evil
Folks has turned so cold and strange
But there’s one thing we can trust in
God will never change

Al this new ways of living,
the world may talk about
Something new have excited,
to get your mind to die
But I hold on to the gospel,
till my body might exchange
If the world will turn to ashes,
God will never change

He’s the one who split the red sea
And calls the lame to walk
He healed the deaf and the blind man
And calls the dome to talk
He can still take an old sinner
His life will rearranged
Cause there’s one thing that’s for certain
God will never change

Love ones dieing al around us,
and we see our body fail
When we look in the mirror,
we see us broken, frail
We’re getting older every day,
nothing never stays the same
So trust in the Rock of ages,
He's the one who’ll never change

lead vocals: Channah
banjo: Gideon
mandoline: Mattanja
guitar: Ruchama
bass: Jan