Pathway of danger

The pathway of danger

Jesus my Savior, please hear my cry
Teach me to trust and be abide
I’ve wandered in darkness, now humbly I pray
On the pathway of danger, please show me the way

Guide me along, this pathway of danger
They’re trying from both sides to lead me astray
Forgive me, I’am praying, as I cry out to You
On the pathway of danger please carry me trough

It’s all of my sorrows, that have been well deserved
Temptations has led me away from your Word
That pathway of danger, now I’ve gone astray
I need you to lead me and show me the way

It’s dark and it’s winding, my steps are unsure
It looks so envying, satans alert
But it’s the pathway of danger, that leads to despair
I pray that You keep me in you tender care