De volgende CD's hebben wij uitgebracht.
Als u er één nog niet heeft, of u wilt er iemand één kado geven,
dan kunt u die tijdens een optreden bij ons kopen of via deze website bestellen. 

CD2: 'The best is yet to come' (2004)

1. Higher up
2. Lord, You're with me mp3 text
3. The Shield of faith text
4. Intvelds dream mp3
5. Bring Him your talents text
6. On the sea of life text
7. Arkansas traveler
8. Jesus in my soul text
9. My Rock mp3 text
10. Sally Goodin
11. He will listen to you text
12. Ev'ry humble knee must bow
13. In a good night
14. Bluebells of Scotland
15. The best is yet to come mp3 text
16. Thank you Lord text

CD1: 'On the road' (2003)

1. The Bible told me so text
2. God will never change text
3. He took your place text
4. Cripple Creek mp3
5. Sadrach, Mesach and Abednego text
6. New Jerusalem mp3 text
7. You go to your church text
8. You hold my hand text
9. Twilight Waltz mp3
10. Every step of every mile text
11. Pathway of danger text
12. In the shadow of Your wings mp3 text
13. Red haired boy
14. St. Anne's Reel mp3
15. Gods pin of love mp3
16. Tennessee Waltz